moving on

August 27, 2009

first off, i want to thank you all SO SO much for commenting! you guys really helped me feel better 🙂

i’m trying to move on. i’m waiting for school to start so i can get swept up in homework, standardized tests, and emt. i know that i’ll miss doing a sport (hence my interest in joining cross country) but i don’t think i will. unless i end up having too much time on my hands.

i’m still really mad at the coaches though. i don’t think that i explained the whole situation and i can’t now because it’s WAAAY too long, but here’s the short version:

i had a meeting with the head coach at the end of last year, during which he basically implied that if i could get my asthma under control and come out stronger in the running, i would make the team. he said absolutely NOTHING that gave me even the slightest hint that i wouldn’t.

then what? i’m cut. i’m cut AND i’m a senior (and seniors DON’T get cut… ever. any sport. not at my school)

but not only that, i’m the ONLY senior cut.

embarrassing, no?

so i’m still really mad at him, and i’m not sure how long it will take me to get over it. thing is, he was supposed to be my teacher this year (= a disaster?) so i’m currently trying to switch out of his class.

i now may have to take that class at a local college= even less time to think about what i’m missing. (but also less time to study, etc.)

i wish it didn’t happen; i wish i hadn’t been cut. but even so, i shouldn’t dwell on it. i’m trying to get out of shock-mode and back on my feet.

oh, and hopefully make some new friends.


6 Responses to “moving on”

  1. georgiajd said

    Almost the same thing happened to me. In a pre-try-out meeting, coach told me I had the best 3 point shot of anyone on the team and he was looking forward to me joining varsity. Then, after kicking ass during try-outs, I get put on JV (as a senior which never happens) and NEVER play. You can’t use someone else’s horrible behavior to judge yourself – we are usually hard enough on ourselves! Coaches use some weird formula that includes lots of factors besides who’s the best so don’t go crazy trying to figure them out. I wasted too much time on that – don’t make my mistake!!

  2. thelifeofla said

    I am SO SORRY! What a jerk that coach is. I can’t think of any reason for him to cut you from the track team… I can understand other teams when there has to be a limit on how many people can play… But track? That really sucks. Keep at it though. Don’t let some half wit gym coach decide which of your passions you should pursue.

  3. kachi52 said

    That sounds totally awful! He should definitely send you a gift basket or ballons or something. Maybe not… lol. But you should definitely give this dude a piece of your mind!

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