i sent an email

August 28, 2009

to my coach, about the whole field hockey situation. i was very polite; i simply explained why being cut was such a shock (ehm, he LED ME ON!) and said that i wished the whole situation had been handled better.

maybe i’ll post it some time for you guys to read. 🙂

but he hasn’t responded. i think he’s afriad of me. even though my email wasn’t mean.

or maybe he just didn’t get it yet.

i’m obsessing. i’m sorry.


2 Responses to “i sent an email”

  1. imaginenamaste said

    Borrow as many lists as you like 🙂

    I hope the team works out for you–I was on a crew (rowing) team for awhile and it was always so hard around that time of the year! Spirit counted for nothing!

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