thinspo thinspo thinspo

September 24, 2009

i had a good day today. a good talk with my love. a great test grade. an okay quiz grade. an even more okay grade on a paper…

i think i deserve some thinspo!

in fact, i think we ALL deserve some thinspo for almost being done with the week! woo!


the knees ❤


the thighs ❤




that last pic is especially good for me, as i’m white as a ghost and used to use that as an excuse for why i looked so fat (ever notice that when your thighs are tanned they look thinner?).


last week or so i’ve been in the 1100s and the 1000s (mostly the 1000s) calorie-wise; i’m afraid i’m going to plateau soon… or maybe i already have. i felt fat today 😦

so maybe i’ll have a 1500 day soon to give my metabolism a little kick? i don’t feel comfortable going down; i already am finding it harder to concentrate at times and occasionally shake…

could be my imagination though. a placebo-effect, if you will.

“whose calves are those?”

September 21, 2009

today i was walking in the school hallway, looking in the reflective glass, as usual.

but today i saw a pair of calves that were unfamiliar to me. i wondered who had such great calves… when i realized it was ME.

then, i looked at them in a frontal view while walking down another hallway, and suddenly they looked to bulky. i was like a magician played a trick: now they’re here; now they’re not.

except, it was more the opposite.


but they still looked better than usual. my thighs too. but i hate how when i sweat they rub a little.

yuck. 😦

my new girl-crush

September 19, 2009

ever since pushing daisies was murdered (well…cancelled), i’ve been watching the series over again on dvds from netflix.

and it seems like there was something that i didn’t quite catch the first time around: how wonderful charlotte charles is. i mean, her outfits are adorable and she’s happy-go-lucky… it’s awesome!

and i looked up anna friel on imdb, and guess what! she’s 5’2!!! yay! i love when my petite peeps are represented on television… especially with this influx of supermodel-tall actors. (like in grey’s anatomy, though i still love the show.)


this show also features my new boy-crush: lee pace. i love guys with prominant eyebrows. haha

happy friday (thinspo)

September 18, 2009

i’m still a little bit stressed… but i think that i’ll always be. at least until i get into college– if it’s the one i want.


anyhow, i’m feeling some thinspo right now! i’m sorry that it’s become a weekly thing, but i’ve been so busy lately!!! 😦


this is a crazy picture 😉



horses ❤


ugh. i love her arms. *jealous*

anyhow, i hope you all have a god weekend if i don’t write! i’m trying to finish up my applications and i have some intense homework (think presentations…and i’m someone who CAN’T public speak…)

breath breath

alright. ciao.


September 16, 2009

i’m so stressed right now about appyling to college, upcoming essays/ projects, and being accepted/ rejected to college that i just flipped out. i felt like i was having another panic attack… i cried. i shook. and then i had a (relative) binge.

but the pasta tasted good and i was hungry and sad… ugh. my dark place. i need a light.

now i’ve eaten over 1200 cal today with no time to exercise because of all of my darn homework from my darn 4 ap classes.


does anyone have any stress management tips? because i feel right now like i’m on the verge of a nervous breakdown. :-/

because i’m lazy and tired

September 15, 2009

here’s what i ate today, since i’m not sure what else to write:

brown rice bar- 100 cal

juice box- 95 cal
crackers- 70 cal

walking- -100 cal

gnocci- 400 cal

which brings me to a grand total of 565.

but she was still hungry… ( if you haven’t read theat book, i recommend you do ;))

so now i’m going to go eat something more.


TGIF thinpiration

September 11, 2009

i’m SO glad that it’s friday that i can hardly contain myself, though 9/11 is always a somber day where i am, as i live close enough that pretty much everyone i know was affected one way or another, some more gravely then others.

i have been and will be thinking about what transpired 8 years ago all day, but i don’t want to dwell. i’m still happy that the weekend is here. i hope that doesn’t make me morally bankrupt… :-/

im sorry; i’m tired. i had emt class last night.

anyway, pictures:


these thighs and arms ❤






this outfit is cute, isn’t it?

now, i’ve reached the end of my tired and morally-confused post. please forgive my sloppiness. 😦

i had a dream

September 10, 2009

… last night. i was going to a school function (some senior class/ graduation thing) and i saw this really nice teacher i had sophmore year (she still says hi to me, etc. even though i wasn’t interested in her subject). i told her that i wanted to leave because only people who i really dislike were there and we started talking and she was like, “wait… did you lose weight? you’re so skinny!” and the teacher next to he was like, “yeah. you are!” and something about my arms. it was flattering, but also slightly accusatory so i just said, “i’ve been running a lot” which wasn’t/ isn’t true.

i woke up feeling happy 🙂

any dream interpreters out there care to take a gander at what this means?

inglourious basterds

September 7, 2009

i saw the movie last night, and boy was i impressed! the writing was fabulous, the cinematography was beautiful, and the acting was terrific.

in honor of my new favorite movie, here are some pictures of diane kruger, who i initially went to see the movie for (i LOVE national treasure). who knew she spoke so many languages? also very impressive!







from the movie:






parting words: go see this movie! seriously. you won’t be sorry. unless you don’t like blood… but then you can just cover your eyes. 😉

is this true?

September 5, 2009

i read online that these colors represent these things (for lack of a better word):

Red: Anoerexia
Purple: Bulimia
Green: fasting at that time
Black: Si (self injury)
Blue: depression
Pink: ednos (eating disorder not yet specified)
Orange: SIer (self injuryier)
Orange and White: recovered SIer
Ana Recovery-Red and Black
Mia Recovery-purple and black
cutter recovery-blue and black
ednos recovery-black/green/blue
orange or black = self harm
yellow = suicidal
blue or green = depression
green = manic/bipolar depression
teal = anxiety disorder + ocd + panic disorder

i mean, i knew the basics (though i was under the impression that bulimia is blue), but the rest of these symbolic colors are completely foreign to me. has anyone else heard of this?