fashion thinspiration

September 5, 2009

yay september! it’s kind of almost fall!

anyway, pictures:

floral sweater= ❤

and so does this vest

and this bag



i want to look great in clothes. fabulous. be able to pull off anything. that’s why i do all of this, i think.


10 Responses to “fashion thinspiration”

  1. imaginenamaste said

    don’t forget…you make the clothes, the clothes don’t make you 🙂 i’m sure you will look amazing in anything you wear!

  2. anon said

    I did my tights like that the other day and I got some really funny looks from people. Some people don’t like anything out of the ordinary!

    Yeah that’s one of my reasons too. My mum bought me a dress for my birthday which I haven’t worn yet because I look fat in it at the moment. But I WILL fit in it and not have lumpy thighs. Its a good goal for me (one of them!) as it is very pretty and I want to look nice in it.

    • karnii said

      ew. i dislike people who look down on fun fashion. like, seriously?!? lighten up.

      and i’m sure you’re going to look great in it! i have a dress that’s a goal for me too. it’s something about dresses that makes a girl want to look her best… 😉

  3. anon said

    Thanks, that’s sweet of you! 🙂
    What’s yours like? Mine’s a short cream lace dress with long sleeves. I’d wanted one for ages! Absolutely gotta look ok in it. You hit the nail on the head!

    • karnii said

      oh my gosh! where did you get that? it sounds so cute!

      mine’s from urban. it’s navy but the short sleeves and part over the bust are navy lace. and the sleeves cinch, so it’s no good for fat arms!

  4. anon said

    A little shop near me that sells clothes, cool cards and cute gifts. Yours sounds super pretty too! Go the lace, haha.

  5. paprika said

    I just found your blog, and it’s awesome. I agree with you- looking good in clothes is one of the main reasons I want to do this. Oh, and that last girl looks am.a.zing. ❤

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