September 5, 2009

i’m afraid to go running. i’m afraid to bring back memories, afraid to make my thighs big.

my mom says i should go running because it’ll make me happier. i don’t know…

i want to burn calories and fat, but my thighs! ugh. they’re already too big for my liking from all that field hockey sprinting. like adding insult to injury…

i don’t know what i should do. i hope i figure it out.

i’m still tired. maybe that’s why i sound/ feel so robotic?


2 Responses to “running”

  1. thelotusness said

    Running would do you good, if you not over do it. 🙂 You know how a runners body looks like, the thights aren’t that big! Rather skinny I would say. But, you should do what you want, not something that others tell you. You’re the master of yourself. 🙂

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