i had a dream

September 10, 2009

… last night. i was going to a school function (some senior class/ graduation thing) and i saw this really nice teacher i had sophmore year (she still says hi to me, etc. even though i wasn’t interested in her subject). i told her that i wanted to leave because only people who i really dislike were there and we started talking and she was like, “wait… did you lose weight? you’re so skinny!” and the teacher next to he was like, “yeah. you are!” and something about my arms. it was flattering, but also slightly accusatory so i just said, “i’ve been running a lot” which wasn’t/ isn’t true.

i woke up feeling happy 🙂

any dream interpreters out there care to take a gander at what this means?


4 Responses to “i had a dream”

  1. anon said

    On the face of it maybe this is what you would like to happen, but I think it really means that you’ve not been feeling appreciated by your teachers and your efforts have not been recognised (so its regarding your coach 👿 )

    Could be a bit of the teacher talking about your health in a positive way (hence you waking up feeling happy) rather that almost using it against you (your coach saying “getting your asthma under control” that time).

    Also your concerns about friends are in there too.

    . . Gee i surprise myself sometimes!! 💡

    I had a dream about 0 calorie crisps! If only!
    I woke up feeling like I had to go out and buy them, then I realised they don’t exist!

    • karnii said

      right right… the TEACHER. being recognized for doing something good… that makes a lot of sense!!! i mean, i still haven’t quite gotten over that… 😦

  2. anon said

    Yeah it was a big thing but you’ve dealt with it well.
    Dreams just sometimes take those worries we’ve subconsciously been avoiding in the daytime, by then processing them at night instead.

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