my new girl-crush

September 19, 2009

ever since pushing daisies was murdered (well…cancelled), i’ve been watching the series over again on dvds from netflix.

and it seems like there was something that i didn’t quite catch the first time around: how wonderful charlotte charles is. i mean, her outfits are adorable and she’s happy-go-lucky… it’s awesome!

and i looked up anna friel on imdb, and guess what! she’s 5’2!!! yay! i love when my petite peeps are represented on television… especially with this influx of supermodel-tall actors. (like in grey’s anatomy, though i still love the show.)


this show also features my new boy-crush: lee pace. i love guys with prominant eyebrows. haha


6 Responses to “my new girl-crush”

  1. imaginenamaste said

    I loved that show! It was so random.

    Sorry about your college application–it is always tough to get rejected from anything, especially college! I’m sure there is an amazing college out there just waiting to accept you!

  2. andy said

    i posted a new poem called

    “on the outside i look vibrant and attractive but on the inside iā€™m miserable and wretched”

    • karnii said

      sick! i feel that way sometimes…

      actually a lot. especially today when my psych teacher started talking about dieting and eating too few cals… :-/

      i’ll check it out!!!

  3. foreignobject said

    Aww, I genuinely thought you had a real girl crush. Was expecting romantic post. Good luck with applying for college!

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