“whose calves are those?”

September 21, 2009

today i was walking in the school hallway, looking in the reflective glass, as usual.

but today i saw a pair of calves that were unfamiliar to me. i wondered who had such great calves… when i realized it was ME.

then, i looked at them in a frontal view while walking down another hallway, and suddenly they looked to bulky. i was like a magician played a trick: now they’re here; now they’re not.

except, it was more the opposite.


but they still looked better than usual. my thighs too. but i hate how when i sweat they rub a little.

yuck. šŸ˜¦


8 Responses to ““whose calves are those?””

  1. anon said

    I know what you mean about the thighs thing. A girl I used to work with once said to me how she envied the gap between my thighs. Unfortunately that gap is now filled with fat šŸ˜¦ but I’m gonna get it back again.

  2. anon said

    Yeah, we can do it!!

  3. anon said

    p.s. Craving a gap or bones is better than food!

  4. Lunachi said

    I wonder how you look like in real life.

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