October 6, 2009

today, i felt so fat… especially in the stomach area, and a bit in my calves. then i realized that that’s because i was/ am fat. i’m bloated!

my stomach is sticking out to mercury (especially by my rib cage) and it’s not like i ate a lot yesterday or today.

and i’m not getting my big-p either… i have 2 weeks left until that.

so, what’s going on? i really don’t need another mystery in my life right now…


10 Responses to “bloat”

  1. hey girl i know what you mean I felt that way last night. I think it was because I had so soda.. DP my fave.

  2. Sophy said

    Sometimes we’re just simply bloated… But you’re not pregnant are you?

  3. foreignobject said

    If you’re pregnant I’ll babysit. I’ve got the baby fever!

  4. anon said

    Are you hoping for a boy or girl? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Foreignobject made me giggle!

  5. babybabeox said

    ahh don’t worry.. the great thing about bloating is that it goes away (:
    but it definetly sucks when it’s there..that’s for sure

    keep your head up love

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