October 9, 2009

i’m a bit less bloated, but still bloated. i think it’s because this week i’ve been a tad sleep deprived, and therefore, lacking in my usual willpower.

conclusion? i ate too much.


i mean, i haven’t quite binged (though i’ve been SOOO tempted to on freshly-made rice crispy treats…) but 1100 and 1200 is not me. and my stomach has obviously been quite influenced. in fact, my stomach is always quick to change.

example: in the morning after not eating too much the day before, it may be flat, the ribs semi-apparent. looks good. then i eat breakfast… maybe just a luna bar. what happens to my stomach? the gut bumps out and any tight shirt is unacceptable.

this is why i never wear skin-tight tops.

but anyway, it’s weird. i think that my stomach likes to rebel against me.









6 Responses to “bloat?”

  1. pseudonym said

    I’m glad you’re posting thinspo now.
    Hope things have been going well for you.

  2. pseudonym said

    Dude I’ve been insane lately. In and out of the hospital/counseling. I actually went to a counseling session drunk. BUT my GPA is high, I’m losing weight, so I don’t really care about the rest.

    I haven’t really been on, I’ve been concentrating on class and work, but I’m scheduling blogging back into my day so hopefully we’ll hear more from each other!

  3. kachi52 said

    WOW! i lvoe the blue dress girl and the line of models. abosolutely beautiful 🙂

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