October 19, 2009

this is going to sound slightly paranoid– nay, EXTREMELY paranoid, but that’s what applying to college ED has done to me.

ok, so i’m worried about what happened with my big p this month. i mean, it didn’t really happen! this might be tmi, but there wasn’t even any real bleeding– just spotting. i pumped up my calories during the week too! it was up to around 1100-1300 most days! and it’s not like i’m anywhere even remotely near dangerously skinny.

but what if this means i can’t get pregnant? i mean, i don’t want a baby now; i’m only in high school! but if some magic occurs that lets me find a guy i really love love me back, then i’d like to have the possibility, you know?

wait… could this have anything to do with my being on birth control pills? (it’s a low dose)


5 Responses to “worried”

  1. zeezeecakes said

    When did you start birth control? I found that when I was on it my period definitely was much lighter and lasted much less time. Then once I stopped the floodgates opened once again.

    Plus, if you’re stressed out that could make your period act funny. Basically I wouldn’t worry too much about it right now. If you’re still in high school, your hormones are still all over the place and therefore your period will probably reflect that.

    BUT.. if you’re really worried see the gynecologist!

  2. pseudonym said

    I’m on low-dose pills too. It’s 50/50, some months it comes, some months it’s spotty and light or doesn’t come at all. I’m eating very very little and mine hasn’t gone away completely yet.

    Don’t worry about babies just yet. I lost my period for a while and it came back.

    And yeah, stress is bad. I’m no menstruation expert, but from personal experience, it can mess you up bad. Mine was late during college-app month. Like two weeks late…

    Anyway, don’t worry. You’re going to be fine!

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