everybody loves a winner, so nobody loves me

November 2, 2009

i think i’ve been watching too much glee… but this actually describes how i feel, at the moment. i went over my allotted the day before halloween by 300-something (WTF?!? i’m still so pissed) and the day after (yesterday) my deficit was less then 100. and all weekend my thighs looked bigger and my size-2 jeans didn’t hang on me like they did only a week before.

so today and this week i’m trying to do A LOT better… especially because i have a party on thursday with some friends whom i haven’t seen in a while, and i just NEED them to notice how my thighs are beginning to shape up.

it’s a very stressful time… also because the quarter is ending at school (grades!!!) and i applied early decision to a school that i’m beginning to feel less and less confident about.

i need a pick-me-up, and that means… THINSPO!






are these repeats??? i feel like they might be… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

anyway, enough about me. how are you guys? it’s been a long time.

EDIT: they are. here’s more:






yay ๐Ÿ™‚


10 Responses to “everybody loves a winner, so nobody loves me”

  1. anon said

    Sorry you’re having a stressful time. You’ll have fun on Thursday tho, and if your friends notice it will be a bonus! Dance all that stress away!

    You are able to fit into your size 2’s , so that’s great!! And if you want them to hang off you again you’ll do it.

    The girl at the bottom is probably so light that no wonder she is being carried up and away by her umbrella! She has nice bones.

    I am in awe of the girl with the yellow bag’s cheekbones!

    I have been finding thinspo in some of my old magazines today to put into my book. I’ve got loads of others lying around so I really needed a good place for it.

  2. babybabeox said

    Keep your head up darling!! Everyday starts back at zero, no matter how bad you did the day before. (:


  3. georgiajd said

    I LOVE Glee! Except it does make me feel kinda bad about myself in comparison…

  4. babybabeox said


  5. skwurlgrrl said

    oohhhh i like these!! very thinspirational haha. thanks for posting : )

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