December 18, 2009

first off, i just want to say that i got in!!! i made to the ivy league… i mean, holy crap. i can hardly believe it. thank you all for the support 🙂

so… i’m really psyched about that, but i’m also pretty happy about another thing: i seem to be losing weight again. (knock on wood) i haven’t weighed myself yet, but i can see it in my legs. when i stand up straight, the top of my thighs don’t touch! it’s only by a smidge, but that’s something isn’t it?

i also haven’t been very hungry lately. i started taking wellbutrin for my fatigue, and all the sudden i started feeling slightly nauseas in the morning, and then gaining a bit of an appetite later in the day. there’s also a stomach bug running around, so it may just be a coincidence, but i really hope not!!!

alright, then. how about some celebratory thinspo?

^^^ok, i REALLY don’t remember getting this one. lol.

i hope you’re all well! and i know i always say this, but i WILL try to post more frequently… especially since the holidays are coming up. 🙂


12 Responses to “wow”

  1. kachi52 said

    i love the last picture

    congratulations by the way! that’s seriously amazing!!! 🙂

  2. Linnxy said

    Congratulations, I’m glad you got into Ivy Leage

  3. randomlymikey said

    congrats 🙂 as for the skinny bitch book. i really lied it. i wasn’t sure if i would. are you veggie or interested in becoming vegetarian/vegan? because that’s kinda the whole idea around the book.

  4. georgiajd said

    Congrats! Glad to hear about the Ivy League : ) Hope you were able to catch up on all your work before the break!


  5. Linnxy said

    Happy new year Kar I hope you’re doing allright

  6. sohfia said

    Hey! I’m a senior in high school too haha, but I haven’t heard back from any schools yet 😦 What Ivy did you get into? Congrats, by the way thats pretty awesome

    • karnii said

      hey, thanks! and good luck to you as well.

      as for which one i’m going to, all i’ll say for now is that i’ll get to do a lot of walking 😉

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