getting somewhere

January 9, 2010

so i got some sort of stomach bug last week. nothing gross, but it kept me consuming very few calories (which is what tends to happen when you’re living on bread, broth, and the occasional yogurt) and then slowly building up to normal. my stomach is noticeably flatter and my calves are smaller. (random, right?) my thighs also lost some fat, as did my arms.

i’m finally happy at where i am. i don’t know what my weight is, but what does it matter? i like the way my body looks!

the only thing is, it’s usually around this point that i fall of the wagon. i’ll have a mini-binge one day, look fattier the next, and get so freaked out that i’ll end up eating more calories than usual. and then i’ll think something stupid like i’m never gonna be skinny, so why try?

how can i keep this from happening again? i need to stop the cycle! even if it means maintaining my current weight…

i’ve had a long day, so i hope this all makes sense. 🙂

^ hmmm… another picture i don’t remember saving


2 Responses to “getting somewhere”

  1. Linnxy said

    It totally makes sense, but you know that it usually happens so now you’ve to stay strong. Even if you’ve a mini-binge yo’have to stay possitive.If you start thinking negative you’ll go eating again. Just make some good plans for example when you’ve a mini binge you’ll go running the next day!

    • karnii said

      yes, plans. i like plans! good idea!!! i think it will make me feel a lot less stressed out if i’m prepared just in case…

      THANK YOU!!! 🙂

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