“because it’s funny”

January 25, 2010

so i don’t know how the heck i managed this– i guess it must have been saturday’s getting-back-on-track high– but i got my mother to buy me the book skinny bitch. in the actual bookstore. sure, i could have just ordered it online when i got home but we were in the bookstore and it was on one of the special release shelves and i was pumped up from eating some really tasty chinese food at dinner… and i just kind of picked it up and started walking with it.

and then we were looking at all the books we’d accumulated and she said why would you want that? all suspiciously– because in her mind i’m just so skinny that if i lose another ounce i’ll die. (uh huh. right) and so i said, because it’s funny. and it IS. but that’s not why i want it…

and then i also got this anorexia/ bulimia diary on the sale shelf (excellent! i LOVE a good sale) i just said, wow! this should be interesting. but that one i kind of DID hide in our pile of books… 😉

i don’t know. that was quite the feat for me!!!

12 Responses to ““because it’s funny””

  1. I haven’t read Skinny Bitch. How do you like it? I love the idea of the diary and I hope it really helps you 😉

    ~ anonymous ana ~

    • karnii said

      so far i like it… i haven’t learned TOO much that i didn’t already know… but i’ve only read the first 2 chapters so i’m not ready to judge it yet! i do like, though, how it really focuses on foods that are good for you AND low-calorie rather than simply low-calorie foods. what girl wants junk in her body? 😉

  2. Linnxy said

    wow, you dare I wouldn’t even have dared to look at that book in a store with people I don’t know let alone my mum. But you handeled it well and you may count yourself lucky for having purchased those books 🙂

  3. Amandah said

    skinny bitch is a great book 🙂

  4. wow that’s awesome!!!

  5. i thought it was funny! im with you 🙂

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