holden caulfield

January 28, 2010

salinger’s dead. it’s weird… it feels really weird. i feel like i was just starting to know him. i mean, not in real life or anything, but i just read catcher in the rye and loved it and was planning on reading the rest of his work, beginning with franny and zooey, after i finish with kerouac’s on the road.

and i’m still going to do that, but it’s weird. there are few famous writers who are really worthy, in my opinion.

and now there’s one less. there will be more, but never like him; his work was groundbreaking.

it’s just strange; death is strange. i never know what to say or what to even think of it, but i hope that there’s some sort of writer heaven. i don’t know… that might sound weird, but i hope that salinger is chatting with shakespeare right now. if so, i hope he asks old william about hamlet.



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