fat day

January 29, 2010

i swear that i’m fatter today. i think it’s because i stopped taking these meds that have weight loss as a side-effect, so i went back on. i’m better with them anyway, as long as it’s only a small dose.

so now i’m waiting and hoping that i’ll stop ballooning and start shrinking, because i was definitely beginning to look 100 lbs. grrr.


2 Responses to “fat day”

  1. I really know how you are feeling. Since the holidays have past and gone I feel like I have gain tons. I hate it. And I am wanting to loose wait but I don’t want to do it the ED way. Like before. But its temping.

    • karnii said

      right?!? i didn’t even eat more than i usually do but i still definitely gained! the holidays are VERY tricky…

      i’m sure we’ll both get back on track, though. be strong! 🙂

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