big thinspo post

February 26, 2010

because i was away for a while…

so i’m still a vegan, and i’m finding it much easier to meet my goals this way since it cuts out so many temptations. and it’s not like i want to eat these things because i feel bad. AND, sans my cold that appears to not want to leave, my body feels really good… better than it has in a long time.

i’m still nervous for my weigh-in on sunday, though. what if i’m back in the triple-digits? i know that i said that the 99 was probably a fluke, but i REALLY want to believe that it wasn’t.

julia frakes again

February 26, 2010

i think she might just be the cutest person ever! and sooo successful for someone so young.

i’m sad that she cut her hair though. i like the length in the pic below much better!

^^^i have those glasses!!!

sorry it’s been so long! i had the longest cold of my life and then i got stomach flu… it was just a disaster. AND it was during my holiday from school. fantastic, huh? 😉

anyhow, hi!!! i’ve missed wordpress.

ok. sooo, sick or not, sunday is my weighing day, and the past sunday was no exception. wanna know what the scale said?

well… at first i hopped on and it’s one of those digital ones so numbers were flashing all over the place but the highest that flashed was 101 and then it settled on 97.4 which i realized was too low and then i realized my foot was totally off the little metal thing that it needs to be on.

so then i tried again (with both feet in the correct position) and got 99.6

double digits!

granted, it was a couple of days after my stomach’s rebellion that kept me eating relatively lightly, but not TOO much lower than usual. 700s, 900s and i worked my way up.

so there has to be some validity to it, right?

ah, the magic of wishful thinking. sometimes i really am wonderful at deceiving myself. (my, um, (i guess you can call it a) love life can attest to that)

a different sort of post

February 17, 2010

i can’t bear to do a negative, thinspo-loaded post today, so i won’t. welcome my brain’s positive ish:

^ for some reason i’m really enjoying this picture. maybe it’s the camel. i mean, i prefer llamas but i consider myself a camel-fan… and i’m LOVING that little crocheted thins on his nose.

anyway, i found it on this blog:

it’s been my source of entertainment for the last couple of days, along with Heroes, which i’ve been watching via

i’m on season 2 and i’m hooked! i here it gets worse but now apparently there’s a new writer so it’s better…?

i don’t know. but i’ll keep watching regardless because of milo. he’s why i started watching in the first place. you see, i disliked him on gilmore girls because i found jess annoying. like, really?!? stop doing bad things! but i hadn’t hit puberty yet, and i think that’s necessary to get the full effect, because it wasn’t until i re-watched gilmore girls a couple of months ago that i realized how stunning he is. i mean, really! i’ve seen and/ or known plenty of men who are good-looking or cute or hot, but only two who are really– well– beautiful, and he’s one of them. and i don’t mean just the face, but the whole being.

he’s the kind of person who artists dream about. a muse…

so, yeah– um, heroes. good show. haha 😉

erm… ok! so i think next year i’m going to go vegan. i just feel like it’s the right thing to do– like vegetarianism isn’t enough. i can do more and i WANT to do more. i’ve been feeling increasing bad about eating animal products and i wouldn’t if my parents would stop practically force-feeding me and complaining about how i’m so hard to cook for. (not that i ever ask to be cooked for. i can fend for myself)

i’ve been taking a lot of pictures, too. mostly of the snow. i wanted to get a good one of the flakes falling, but my camera’s new, so i couldn’t figure out which setting to use. i’m enjoying experimenting with it most of the time, but sometimes i REALLY want a shot, and then it’s frustrating.

sorry… i’m kind of new at this whole positivity thing. if i decided to try this more i promise to get better at it!

but before i end the post i have a really random question: if you could go anywhere in the world for a couple of days (no time-traveling or anything like that), where would you go?

i was thinking ireland or france. maybe germany.

where would you go?

happy new year, i guess

February 16, 2010

i think i caught a cold from trudging around the city. i’d say it was worth it, but it really wasn’t.

the chelsea market is ridiculous. no wonder i’d never been there before. if you’re thinking about it, don’t. unless you have a really good sense of humor…

sorry for the anger. my kitchen is ridiculously cold and the new snow (as pretty as it is) isn’t helping much. and i’m dreading having to go outside today.

this isn’t a good way to start off the year of the tiger. but at least on the first two days i ate long noodles; i’ll have a long life but i guess i guess i’ll be very cold for the duration of it.

i do love the lunar new year, though. much better than new year’s eve and that crap. maybe because i get my own animal. (i’m the monkey) and i love all the traditions: the noodles, the little red envelops…

it’s magical, i think. 🙂

so, happy year of the tiger, all! make it a good one!

and if you haven’t had long noodles yet, do it. it’s not too late!!!


February 15, 2010

if i was hungry, i’m not anymore:

well thank goodness!

February 15, 2010

i weighed myself again today (even though it’s not sunday and i feel bad for breaking the rules) because my body finally started working yesterday.

my weight was 103. up .2 but that was to be expected from all of my fails this week.

i feel much better now, but now i don’t know how to track it. every week, i’ve been putting my weight into an excel document to make a graph tracking my progress, but what should i do this week? put in my weight from today, my weight from yesterday, average them, what? any ideas?

ps. is anyone else missing someone right now? the heart bag just made me think of it 🙂


February 14, 2010

i weighed myself this morning. and guess what i got? 104.8. 104.8!

how the heck did i gain two pounds?!?

i’m praying that it has to do with the massive amount of liquids i drank yesterday, my congestion, or the fact that my digestive system doesn’t seem to be working.

or all of those reasons combined.


so, i don’t know if my experiment worked because i spent the day with my friends who LOVE to eat (but are so skinny!) and we got italian food and REALLY good chocolate.

even the calories i burned walking around the city and shopping couldn’t save me… 😦  but i’ve got to keep up appearances, right? or is that just an excuse?

anyway, i’m going to try again today. so far, i’ve only had 200 cal which isn’t a bad start.

^ this girl kind of reminds me of me. not the body or the hair, but the face and eyes. it’s weird, because i’m not a normal-looking person. my features are quirky, if that makes sense.

ps. happy valentine’s day! if you like it, have a great time! if you don’t, you’re not alone 😉

an experiment

February 13, 2010

it’s early here, so i’m doing a bit of an experiment: if i see thinspo early, will i eat less than usual?

we shall see. we shall see… 😉

friday update

February 12, 2010

sooo… i only went over 20 cal. and i think that DEFINITELY beats 200, don’t you agree?

i’m mad that i didn’t get under but i’m happy that it wasn’t bad as it usually is.

AND if i make some time to dance, i bet i could burn 20-25 cal and at least get a BIT under.

now i’m just crossing my fingers that i get tired so that i don’t stay up late snacking. (i almost gave in to a chocolate binge, so i guess today’s just one of those days…)