February 5, 2010

worst. day. ever.

i didn’t have time to think about my body once the entire school day. i haven’t done that since eighth grade when i was cute and tiny…

i’m just really stressed and not doing well this semester because my of my stress, but then i end up stressing out even more because i’m not doing well…

am i making sense? nothing inside my head right now’s making sense.

forget it. pictures:

^ballerina-esque ❤

^i’m loving the retro-chic… i wish my legs could pull off white tights


10 Responses to “ugh”

  1. hang in there girly… love your thinspo

  2. sorry to hear you are stressed

    just breathe and wait for it to pass

  3. Linnxy said

    I think I understand what you mean. Just try to relax and take time to work on school. Don’t focus on what you’re doing wrong but what you’re doing good. Positivity works!

    I love yoúr thinspo


  4. Crystal said

    Girl! it’s the firs time I get in here, you’re blog is so so cool and so inspirational… Go on! you’re great and you’ll be ok 🙂

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