up down

February 9, 2010

i have to write a MASSIVE essay and i promised myself i wouldn’t post until i was done, but i have a teensy question that i’ve been meaning to ask for a few days:

has anyone here tried the UpDayDownDay diet?


i got this link from another blogger who was talking about it (if it was you, let me know! i honestly don’t remember…) and i, of course, checked it out. i entered my info and voila! tempting results:

on an up day i could eat 1800 cal and on a down day i’d only have to stick to 630.

tempting indeed…

i’m not thinking about doing it now or anytime soon, but it’s nice to have a backup plan because i really don’t want to fall off the wagon again.


4 Responses to “up down”

  1. sara said

    I randomly came across your blog after searching up winter girls quotes, and began reading it. I too am struggling with weight loss. I’m at 123 and want to get down to 115. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your blogs! Out of curiosity, wouldn’t you be the same size as the “thinspiration” you post!

    oh and that updown diet sounds interesting, I don’t know if it would be a success though.

  2. georgiajd said

    The up down thing looks neat! I would love to try it – looks easy for us ; )

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