another middle of the day post?

February 10, 2010


but before i post some pictures, i wanted to say that i was watching CNN this morning and was reminded that the disaster in Haiti isn’t over. in fact, now it seems that it could directly affect the rest of the world, because TB is spreading down there due to the living conditions, and volunteers could easily pick it up and bring it back home. that’s scary. i feel like every complaint, etc. i have now is so trivial because people in Haiti died and are still dying and losing their homes and their families and their friends and now there could be a TB epidemic.

and you know what i hate? there doesn’t seem to be anything else we can do except raise awareness and donate to the red cross (i’ve been doing it via text message). people are dying and TB is spreading and i feel helpless. and i HATE not being able to do something about something.

i keep doing what i can do, but i never feel like it’s good enough, because it IS never good enough and it won’t be good enough until everything in the world is fixed but i don’t think that can happen.

depressing, isn’t it, the world we live in? it can be so beautiful, but so, so sad.

and now i feel weird and bad about posting thinspo on a post about Haiti when people down there are skinny because they’re starving and because they have TB and can’t stand to eat; i’ll post it separately.

text Haiti to 90999 if you want to help. it will put a $10 charge on your phone bill, but it does good and it feels good. i promise.


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