failure friday

February 12, 2010

at least, that’s usually what friday is for me because i’m always EXHAUSTED after a week of school and homework and running around the hallways that all my willpower vanishes.

but not today.

it’s been SUCH a long time since i actually met my goal on a friday, and i fear that this will turn into a habit. and that would, frankly, suck.

so i’m going to eat some oranges, a healthy dinner, maybe a smidge of dessert and do my spastic-dance thing. (that’s my new favorite exercise; it’s sooo much fun! 🙂 )

so, what do you say? let’s all reach our goals today so we can feel GREAT tomorrow morning!

^ her wrists are so small and dainty

4 Responses to “failure friday”

  1. Eliza said

    Oh I know how this kind of day actually feels: for me they are more “failure thursdays” at the college. Usually, it’s the day when I mostly feel extremely exhausted by my night job, and then I just think “AAh, give it up, you can’t reach your goal ANYWAY! just eat something at McDo” (which is unfortunately near my college building 😦 ) … but not this time!!! This Thursday I was the incarnation of discipline because I read your entrys in the morning!!! I am so inspired, thank you one more time…

    ❤ E.

  2. Georgie said

    I hope you did good today! I’m sure you can do it and make Friday’s more fabulous than failures. 🙂 You’re awesome & you can totally do it. Good luck girl ❤

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