February 12, 2010

ok. so someone brought up this question in class today: would you rather be too fat or too skinny?

i’m sure you can guess my answer; i thought it was the obvious choice, but from what i overheard, most people are in opposition.

what’s your answer?


7 Responses to “randomness”

  1. gila said

    i think overweight is influencing health more badly than underweight. I don’t know what kind of skinny you discussed in class, but in terns aof skinny I think of my sister who is underweight by 10 kios (while eating pasta everyday and drowning in seas of mayonnaise). skinny hasn’t to be starved to death, has it? so i’d rather be skinny and nice to look at ๐Ÿ™‚ (not that I will ever be really skinny but I can work on not getting fat)

  2. Well OBVIOUSLY too skinny… if that’s even possible. Too fat would be The. Worst. Thing. Ever. EVER. Imo. But maybe we’re biased? xD

  3. kacewhy said

    too skinny. โค youre not alone on this one forsure

  4. hereisyourletter said

    ironic, me and my friends had this conversation today. completely agree with you.

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