February 15, 2010

if i was hungry, i’m not anymore:



4 Responses to “ew”

  1. I love this website. It’s such reverse thinspo. I mean it’s THE single grossest thing EVER… but it’s pretty motivational. I mean, it basically makes me never want to eat again. =) xo

  2. Hi! Sorry I’ve been away so long. I have had to deal with some *issues* lol

    I promise I’m not judging, but… reverse thinspo, the idea of it feels so hurtful to me 😦

    • karnii said

      you mean the food website? i’m sorry. i swear i didn’t mean for it to be reverse thinspo… i just thought it was gross. and bacon makes me nauseas.

      i never even thought of it that way until i got a comment, as i always thought reverse thinspo was posting pictures of overweight people, which is cruel.

      i’m so sorry that this offended you!

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