March 23, 2010

i want to start a protest.. preferably something passive… or secretive. would that still count as a protest?

i’m tired of not doing anything.

any ideas?

i love these quirky outfits!


gosh i’m so tired. i’m sorry that these last two posts have sucked… i think i need to get back to my semi-happy place, if you know what i mean.


March 21, 2010

ok, so it’s been a long time again. i’m sorry! school’s been really stressful and we had power issues for about a week.

i think all the stress is causing me to gain because i’ve been eating the same and exercising but i’m in the low 100s again 😦

i have nothing else to say.

^ so cool!

^ her arms ❤

^ she also kind of reminds me of me. something about her hair and her eyes…

that felt good. its been a while since i’ve even SEEN thinspo.

hope you all are well 🙂


i’m at 98.6!

i’m still kind of in denial, i mean,  my scale could be broken right? in fact, when i first stepped on it said 96.8 but i knew that had to be false so the 98 is my second go…

but wow! i rewarded myself with some morning yoga 🙂 (which for me consists of random stretches since i’ve only attended one actual yoga class)

crazy stuff. crazy stuff…

i feel like i have more interesting things to say but i can’t think of anything.