i can’t believe i get to tell you this

March 2, 2010


i’m at 98.6!

i’m still kind of in denial, i mean,  my scale could be broken right? in fact, when i first stepped on it said 96.8 but i knew that had to be false so the 98 is my second go…

but wow! i rewarded myself with some morning yoga 🙂 (which for me consists of random stretches since i’ve only attended one actual yoga class)

crazy stuff. crazy stuff…

i feel like i have more interesting things to say but i can’t think of anything.


8 Responses to “i can’t believe i get to tell you this”

  1. gettingoutofthelabyrinth said

    omygosh.. congratulations!
    wish I could say the same, but congrats either way !

  2. lgremlin said

    98, that’s great! I’d love to be there. Maybe eventually… Well, congratulations on getting there.

  3. Linnxy said

    JAAY, I am really really proud of you!

  4. georgiajd said


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