March 23, 2010

i want to start a protest.. preferably something passive… or secretive. would that still count as a protest?

i’m tired of not doing anything.

any ideas?

i love these quirky outfits!


gosh i’m so tired. i’m sorry that these last two posts have sucked… i think i need to get back to my semi-happy place, if you know what i mean.


2 Responses to “rebel”

  1. pillowfightsandlatenights said

    Hey there,
    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now but never actually commented! (don’t think i’m a stalker lol 😛 -I just really identify cos there are some people in my life right now who make it their business to tell me I’m fat all the time… nice huh? :P)

    I just wanted to say, stay strong. From reading your blog, you’re clearly really smart and funny (and I’d bet my ass you’re crazy pretty and thin too) so don’t have low self esteem! 😀

    The people in your thinspo seem to be getting skinnier and skinnier, and I’m a little worried. I hope you’re ok and you beat this soon! love xxxx

    • karnii said

      hey! no i definitely don’t think you’re a stalker! 😉
      and you’re right about the thinspo getting skinnier… i guess i didn’t realize.
      i think something’s changing because i just don’t enjoy looking at/ putting up thinspo like i used to. hopefully it’s a change for the good…

      ps. try not to listen to those people! they sound like they’re jealous!

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