well, then

June 5, 2010

ironically, i was so darn worried about how i’d look, but that wasn’t the problem at all. i mean, my arms and calves could have been thinner, but i actually felt pretty decent about myself. especially with my hair and makeup all done up…

my problem is that i thought someone would be thee and then he wasn’t.

and now i’m sitting, still wearing my dress because i don’t know what to do with it. and my hair and make-up are still on because i don’t want to wash this short time of beauty away like that.

i think i’m trying to convince myself that the night isn’t over. that i’m still at prom, and he might be coming.


8 Responses to “well, then”

  1. Someone who ditches you when they said they’d be there isn’t someone you should invest a lot of yourself in emotionally, chances are they’ll do it over and over again. I’m sure you looked a whole lot better that you think you did. Most people aren’t examining your shape, if they are they are either incredibly shallow and have nothing else to think about or have the same issues you do.

    • karnii said

      awww, thank you!

      the thing is, he never exactly promised he’d be there, but he was there for the junior prom this year, so i just assumed he’d be tp the senior prom too…

      i feel so stupid for being upset. and stupid for not asking him directly– it probably wouldn’t have changed his being there or not, but at least i would have been prepared.

  2. Oh. It seems that you’re so disappointed – and I don’t blame you, if you really wanted him to be there. =( Just remember how beautiful you feel right now. You ARE beautiful, and this moment, where you can see it is SO important. Hold on to it. ❤ Love

  3. thanks for the sweet comment. i really like your blog, i kinda understand what your going through, i try everything to GAIN weight, and with stress it makes it that much harder too. i always think im too ” thin” and hate when people say i do it on purpose my weight goes back and forth alot and im at 5’9! thanks for putting your blog out there! come back again any time 🙂



    • karnii said

      so we’re kind of at opposite ends, aren’t we? i never thought about it from the other side, but it must be very difficult too. 😦

  4. ps. your beauitful no matter what!

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