separate thinspiration post

June 15, 2010

as promised

^^^ if only…

^^^ i LOVE gemma!!! she’s so beautiful

can i talk about something a little off topic? right now i’m experiencing semi-requited love. he’s with someone and he’s very committed (ie committed to be engaged) but i know that he has feelings for me and has probably thought a couple of if… then… statements regarding me. and i wish he would admit this, though i understand he can’t, but it’s painful. it’s painful to know that the feelings are there but a relationship will probably never even be attempted… wasted feelings… so close, yet so far… and to know that i’ll probably never get any confirmation of this from him… that i could be imagining it, though i’m not the only one who sees it… no, sir.

i don’t think that anyone should have to wonder, and i think that if someone attached does wonder, it might be an indication that something in the relationship is awry. not that i’ve ever been in a serious relationship… those are just my thoughts, if they’re comprehensible.

i just wish there was something bold, but not destructive to him or his current relationship that i could do to… i don’t know… feel somewhat satisfied that i did all i could to make this one dream really happen.

what do you think? (i’m sorry that i’ve been asking so many questions lately)

6 Responses to “separate thinspiration post”

  1. Kryssy [shellypolly] said

    MY GOD! My friend is in the SITUATION as you the ONLY difference is that SHE’S moving in with the guy AND the GIRLFRIEND! So now the ball is in his court. So she was left with that over her when she came out to visit me. She going back home on Thursday though.

    • karnii said

      oh, wow! the girlfriend’s alright with that? it’s great that the guy cares about her enough to ask her to move in with him! i hope it works out for her!

      • Kryssy [shellypolly] said

        The dude’s girlfriend is moving in with my them. My friend, the guy (that has feelings for my friend), and HIS girlfriend are all moving in together. My friend has feelings for the guy but he’s in the relation ship. So she’s SKREWED!

      • karnii said

        yeah, wow. i don’t think i’ve heard of anything like that happening.

        so are your friend and the girlfriend both ok with that?

  2. Linnxy said


    But your off topic sth sounds really intressting. I think you just got to keep up the work, if he has feelings for you and he’s relationship is awry you might be just what he needs…..

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