who’s throwing up before they digest…

July 11, 2010

that would be me. but NOT intentionally, i swear!

i’ve had stomach flu for officially a week tomorrow (my stomach’s really bad so it takes me a while to get over even small bugs…) and it hasn’t been fun. i mean, don’t get me wrong, i get a HUGE kick out of seeing myself in the mirror these days… but the pain just isn’t worth it. it would be more difficult, but i wish my intestines would work normally so i could lose weight at least somewhat-normally. whatever that is…

anyway, i’m no longer a high school student. it’s been over two weeks but i have yet to process the fact, so that’s all i have to say on the subject. unless anyone has any specific questions, of course 😉

ummm… oh, yes. and OF COURSE i will miss him– my guy. hell, i miss him already. he hugged me though, at graduation… that was really nice. it felt right… like i didn’t even have to think about it: he held out his arms and i melted into him. i was too calm from the comfort to be happy-happy…

and now we’re emailing. we went from hugs to emails in just a couple of days. talk about a downgrade…

but it’s nice, too. better than never hearing from him again… but in person things slip out that don’t slip out in emails, and sometimes those small tidbits are the most useful… the most motivating…

and sometimes they’re about engagement rings and they crush you. but i’m better off for knowing, because now i know that this is when i need to make any sort of play that i intend to make. now, if he would only hint at the wedding date i would know about how long/ short and sneaky/ upfront this play can be.

email is really messing with my plans.

so how are all of you?

i promise to post pictures next time. i just don’t remember where i left off….


10 Responses to “who’s throwing up before they digest…”

  1. Hope you feel better!! And I remember the feeling of not being in high school.. hmm I kinda miss it.

  2. Kryssy said

    Take care of that FLU you have ok. As for the guy give him time he’ll tell you when he’s ready.

  3. Lunatalia said

    It is good to read your blog again 🙂 I’ve been off a while cause this last time was a little tragic, but like take care of fuck us all. Hope you get better! Now you begin this new part of your life. 🙂

  4. Linnxy said

    I’m sorry for your stomach flu. I’m actually glad for you that you’re still in contact with your man, maybe there’s sth. It’s only painful that he’s engaged but who knows what will happen….

  5. Poucette said

    Get healthy soon!
    And can’t you post pictures of yourself? It would really mmd!
    xoxo / P

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