if you were wondering what i look like…

July 19, 2010

visit me my new blog!


now, before you get scared 😉 don’t worry because this blog is and will always be my number one! this new blog is of the fashion sort, something i enjoy, and something that IS NOT as important as my thoughts and feelings and ED dealing (rhyme!) which is what this blog is for. i will not slack on you guys; i love you all too much for that.

so… the posts must go on! i was sick for like 2 weeks (!) hence no posts, but i’m back, baby!

you want proof? thinspiration:

want more? i guess you’re gonna have to keep reading 😉

ciao for now!

ps. if you follow my other blog or comment or anything, i’ll be the happiest little girl in the world!



2 Responses to “if you were wondering what i look like…”

  1. Kryssy said

    I HOPE you feel a HELL of a lot better. Have you looked at my blog lately? I know you’ve been sick. When you get a chance. Take a glance.

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