97 96

July 20, 2010

today i weighed myself and i was 96.6.

yesterday i was 97.

yesterday i ate 1100 cal and drank a decent amount of water.

thus, i am likely losing water weight.

thus, i should keep drinking lots of water.

(this i know and have known for a while, but the self-destructive part in me doesn’t like doing it)


6 Responses to “97 96”

  1. Kryssy said

    I weight myself EVERY morning (habit) I weight 98lbs. I was Fasting for 6 days. Peek at my blog.

  2. trust me girl ive been in a love – hate relationship with the same guy for 10 years, now hes saying he wants to marry me and have children! i think hes lying too! I think guys are selfish and dont want you to be with any guy but them… iwish life was a tad bit easy i truely hate this 😦
    ps 96 pounds holy girl you must be looking great & fit! just becareful will yaa dont wanna make too many ppl jealous!

  3. G. said

    Wow! Great blog (: Ive just about read almost all your posts! I also play Field hockey & Ive had thoughts about stopping my eating. I refuse to wear a bikini this summer :/ i dont want to become addicted to anorexia or anything but ive tried and tried to get back into shape but food always seems to be my bff! ):

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