kind-of rant and thinspo

July 21, 2010

you know that guy i’ve been talking about? well, i don’t know if i told you that we’re emailing, but we are.

kind of.

you see, i emailed him back an email and he has not replied in 3 weeks. and do you know what that does to a girl like me?

flips her out!

i mean, he’s probably just busy… but then that begs the obvious retort, too busy for me? the girl you said you’d miss? yeah right.

guys lie. they’re liars!

but what if that’s not it. (this is the scary part) what if he suddenly realized that omg i’ve been in love with him for 2 years? and now he’s avoiding me because he feels awkward because he doesn’t feel the same way…

or because he’s not supposed to.

i just wish he’d write back. to clear my head… and because i miss him. a lot. he’s in my dreams pretty much every night… :-/

this all makes me feel like such a stalker-freak. so… enough. thinspo time:

ps. wordpress is SOOO much better than blogspot. uploading pictures is a fiasco and reading other people’s blogs is so irritating that i’ve pretty much stopped doing it.

also, none of you are there. so yeah. wordpress is king!!!


12 Responses to “kind-of rant and thinspo”

  1. I know what you mean, `I kind of, sort of… flip out and think the worst in your situation.

  2. Charlotte said

    maybe he hasnt got you email, it happens you know
    im in that situation, and it really does make me flip out too. your not stalker-ish, thats just what love does to you

  3. I know exactly how you feel. Completely damn paranoid. And he will write back with some completely legitimate reason and you will think, “why on earth was I so worried, stupid idiot.” ā¤

  4. doesn't matter said

    I used to follow this blog pretty religiously, and you stopped for a long time. Just like you I got kind of paranoid, but it was for your health since you are a strict dieter I thought something bad may have happened. Glad that it didn’t !!!
    your blog remotivated me to stop being a fatass, ahaha.
    she says after drinking an iced cap loaded with sugar.

    and to do with the guy, I actually know 100% what you are talking about. The what if’s and constant analysis of every moment. The thing is you should be real with yourself and try to decide what you think will/should come out of this situation and try to move on. Time dwelling on it is time wasted, trust me.

    ” time heals everything ”
    is mostly always true.

    cheer up šŸ™‚

    glad your back.

    • karnii said

      thank you! thank you so much! i think that’s a good thing to think about, what i want out of this situation…

      and i’m glad i helped! šŸ™‚

  5. justme said

    hey…i’m after an email buddy for support. I’ve read a few of your things and I would really like it if you could be my buddy? please reply..

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