accidental purge

August 5, 2010

so yesterday, a strange thing happened.

note: i’m trying to put this in the least gross way

anyhow, i was brushing my teeth, and then i was brushing the roof of my mouth but my throat hurt so i tried to brush back a little bit more in hopes that i could somehow scrape the hurt away. i gagged a little, but that’s normal.

then i moved to brushing my tongue and i brushed a but further back in case that might help and i gagged again… and before i knew it there was licorice in my sink. (i’d eaten it maybe an hour? half an hour? ago)

anyhow, once i got over the surprise (i’ve NEVER purged before… even when i tried!) i was, well, pleased. which made me feel worried since i probably shouldn’t feel pleased.

anyhow, that’s my news!

how are all of you?


4 Responses to “accidental purge”

  1. That very occasionally happens to me. But because of my bulimia, every time I brush the back of my tongue I gag so I have to be careful. Don’t try and do it again though! 🙂 x

  2. same here. i have an awful gag reflex, so brushing my teeth isn’t always pleasant. the only time i’ve actually gotten sick, though, is after i’d gone out drinking the night before. i think my body was trying to cleanse itself. 🙂

  3. Kat said

    Hey! A friend emailed me a link to this site:

    Have you seen it?? It basically compiles real photos of women at different weights and heights. It’s supposed to give an objective idea of where you are, but all I can focus on is where I want to be. That girl @ 98 lbs = perfect!!

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