finals week

December 10, 2010

so, i SHOULD be studying for my french final tomorrow. i REALLY should. i mean, i studied the vocab and i’m pretty set on that… but studying grammar is just depressing. you know it’s true.

and i certainly know it’s true. i’m DIAGNOSED, after all.

and then there’s the fact that my beloved french TA informed us that she might not be teaching our french section next semester.

i almost cried.

she’s the kind of TA that treats us like the adults we are (she TRUSTS us) and really, TRULY cares about us. we had this potluck once, and she made what she brought in vegan so i could have some. (i’m the only vegan in the class.)

it was so sweet that when i left that class, i DID cry a bit.

anyway, she’s what every TA, teacher, professor,… WHATEVER should be. and i simply can’t imagine next semester without her…

and so, when i’m studying french and bits and pieces from class this semester start darting around my brain, i get sad. i get REALLY FREAKING SAD… and i want to stop.

but i can’t if i want to get a good grade. and i DO! i want to attend Harvard for my graduate degree, so i really do want to do well, but i feel so down.

and all this french–the words, the sounds, though beautiful– is making this all painfully difficult.

i’m sorry for such a downer post… but this is what my life is like sometimes. a lot.

a tout a l’heure… a bientot…

whichever i decided


texting buddy

December 9, 2010

if anyone is in or around the Eastern time zone and wants to be partners in crime (well, in keeping each other on track) then please email me at


the beginning in the end

December 9, 2010

no, i’m not talking about the wonderfully hear-wrenching episode of Bones… that actually led me to cry hysterically during the closing credits (and i DON’T cry during tv shows, movies… except Toy Story 3, and i only cried a LITTLE bit).

no, i’m talking about the end of the semester–my first semester at college/ university– and the chance it brings for me to start over on my weight-loss journey. (though, if you were wishing i was talking about the Bones episode, you might want to check out my BRAND SPANKING NEW Bones blog: )

anyhow, i’m going to have a whole month at home before i have to come back here, which i think is more than enough time to reassess and come up with a masterful game-plan… not to mention, really get started exercising and losing again.

my plan:

weigh in the high-90s (at most) by Christmas

weigh in the mid to low 90s by the time i go back to school (late January)

start running


i’m actually excited for that last bit ^^^ because i have all this under-armor from my stint in winter track (good times!) and, of course, field hockey… and i’m excited to get back into it and have it FIT the way it used to.

plus, it makes me look super-cool when i wear it 😉

any workout music recommendations?


something happy

December 6, 2010

Now that I’m a college/ university student, I finally understand why this time of the year, well, SUCKS. I’m not going to elaborate on that, for it will only serve to stress me out, and maybe even stress some of you out.

Instead, I have something to share:

Watch it, and I guarantee that things will start to look better!

Good luck with all of this end-of-semester crap, everyone! And remember: it’s almost over!!! 🙂

busy busy busy

November 29, 2010

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting! The past couple of weeks have been absolutely INSANE and this next week will be no different… However, I’m hoping that I can get some posts in next week during study week (crossing my fingers)!

Anyhow, if anyone is interested in being my texting buddy, please email me at because I feel like I’m at the point at which I DEFINITELY could fall off the wagon… 😦

Have a lovely week, all!

no no NO

November 16, 2010

i’m not putting up with this crap anymore. i’m getting on track and i’m STAYING on track… none of this, i-look-good-so-i-can-slack crap.

that isn’t happening anymore. IT CAN’T.

the past three days i’ve gone over my allotted calories… and so now i’m bloated, which makes me angry, etc. i mean, all day i just kept thinking about how i could be looking so much better.

i’m just so freaking self-destructive! 😦

anyone want a texting buddy? i need someone to talk me out of eating!!!

i’m also going to start posting thinspo everyday… and exercising AT LEAST twice a week outside of my gym class.

help me!!! 😦

not quite at peace (cont)

November 10, 2010

shakey. Then I saw CG and felt all tingly. Terrific.

not quite at peace

November 10, 2010

First off, I just drank a buttload of coffee (a cup, which is a lot for me! Haha) so I’m a bit

If you’re looking for a chuckle…

Seventeen Says The Darndest Things: December Edition Seventeen magazine is supposed to inspire and mold the teens of this fine country into virtuous women, yes? So is anyone else incredibly worried that the November cover girl is none other than, Ke$ha, the hot mess who doesn't value oral hygeine? Or that the words "AMAZING HAIR" are plastered over her straggly locks? Or that, in an interview with the infamous party girl, she expressed her dream of "starting a youth movement" with her latest album? … Read More

via College Candy

at peace?

November 9, 2010

I really think I might be over CG… but now my feelings for TA have increased, and that, unfortunately, is a no-go. At least, for now!

And I still have feelings for OG, who should be a no-go, but I just keep poking holes. Poke poke poke. Reminding him that I’m here, reminding him that he has other viable (and possibly, preferable) choices. And I will keep doing this… until he has children. Yes. Then I will stop… because I TRY to be a decent person.

Sometimes. Kind of.

So, I guess TA is the more probable of the two… so maybe I should start putting some money on him? (i.e. going to see him more. I need to soon anyway… darn project!)

My love life, though pretty much non-existant, is nonetheless screwed up, oui?

So… cheers to that! Thinspo:

ps. I have too much darn food in my room! Remind me to say NO to going to the grocery store… 😦