i made a new bracelet because i was in the car for a while and i was bored đŸ™‚



my camera is crap, so the pictures are crap, but this is my new ana bracelet. (i now have 3!!!) đŸ™‚

i have beads, but i decided not to put any on because i’m afriad of being too obvious, now that normal people are catching on to the whole red-beaded-bracelet thing. :-/

what do you think?

EDIT: you know what? the first person who orders a bracelet gets the bracelet (that she/he ordered) free! đŸ™‚

happy memorial day

May 25, 2009

you know what’s weird? i keep having dreams that i’m in musicals, and i’m usually the star or have a really good part with at least one solo song. but i never actually know what i’m doing. i don’t know my lines or my cues or blocking or anything. in the one i had last night, i didn’t know the words or the octave of my solo song until 30 seconds before i went on.

why is this? any dream interpreters out there? does this have anything to do with weight loss? because i feel like the dreams started around the time i really got commited…

anyway… i feel really yucky right now. full and bloated… even though i really didn’t eat too much today. i mean, i ate 1300 cal which i’m not thrilled with but for full-on eating for a day, it’s not bad. so why do i feel like i’m going to explode?!?

my bracelet still hasn’t come in the mail… you know, that calorie tracker bracelet i ordered about a week ago. and i feel like i really need it. now. oh pleeease come! i need to get back on track… and today was hot which just reminded me of how far i have left to go some more. ugh! i hate the heat.  đŸ˜¦

so… i read some more of wintergirls today. it’s good… and pretty trippy. so far, i still really like it. here’s another quote:

I am the space between my thighs, daylight shining through.

yay! ok… i’m REEEALLY tired (can you tell? i feel like i’m writint really fast and not really thinking…) so i’m just gonna go now. and oh! happy memorial day! yay!