well, hello

June 6, 2009

ugh. sorry. it’s been a while. i swear i’ve had headches every day for the last week and a half, so do forgive me for neglecting to post the last couple of days. let me catch you up:

thursday i had 1280 cal and yesterday i had 1300. kind of stinky… but still (slightly) under the max. intake i’ll allow myself. so i should be losing weight… albeit slowly.

and yesterday? guess what… i felt like my legs looked skinny. i was wearing these skinny jeans (which def. sit snugger now than they did in winter 😦 ) and i felt like my hips curved less outward; they were more straight down. and my thighs were hardly touching. i felt proud. hopefully, i can stay below my max and still feel proud on monday for when i’m accepting my award…

today, i’ve only had 830 so far… so that’s good. i just can’t give into temptation… no matter how much i’m craving ice cream…

ps. still no sign of my calorie-tracking bracelet. it’s been 2.5 weeks. 😦 ahhh! i’m getting so antsy!

pps. i’ve also been doing some light dancing. maybe that’s been helping…?


which jeans?

June 3, 2009

i’m really not sure what kind of jeans to buy. i know it’s spring, but i want jeans. but should i get regular or colored from pacsun.com?

ugh… i’m tired. this post sounds stupid. i’m sorry. i’m just going to move on:

crackers- 60 cal

pretzels- 90 cal

yogurt: 100 cal

pizza- 250 cal

cake- 600 cal

you know what i want?

  1. to not feel my thighs rubbing together when i wear a dress without tights
  2. my hipbones (which i’m beginnning to see!) to be more defined
  3. my size 2 bullhead jeans, which i bought to be loose, to be looser
  4. my boobs, which are approaching a b-cup, to get back down to an a
  5. to be able to wear a tank top on it’s own and not just as a layer under a bigger shirt
  6. to be confident
  7. to have girls envy me and guys think i’m hot
  8. to look in the mirror an be proud at what i accomplished
  9. to be able to pull off crazy outfits
  10. to get back into a 0 in jcrew shorts
  11. my short torso (seriously, there’s a little less than a foot between the bottom of my bra and the top of my waistband on my low rise jeans) to look less stubby
  12. to not fear spring (because layers begin coming off this time of the year)
  13. to be able to go shopping without feeling like i’m rewarding pudginess