December 20, 2010

while not perfect– or, really, ideal— it’s not 102.8!


seriously, i was stuck on that darn number for… a week? 10 days? (something ridiculous)

and now i’ve finally made it off that number and onto a different, lower number. (and one without any of those decimal points, which i like. 101.0. so chic, so sleek.)


also… my finals are over! HUZZAH! and i’m home 🙂 which is nice because i love my family… and i have easy access to an exercise bike AND an elliptical in our wonderful basement ❤ for when i eat too much. it’s my way of purging, so i suppose i’m running down that path towards “exercise bulimia” or “exercise anorexia”… but isn’t it healthier to get rid of calories by exercising then by vomiting?

anyway… celebratory thinspo:

a demain

not a bad start

January 23, 2010

ok, so i NEED to start losing again! this is just unacceptable. but i think i got a good start this morning. a friend came around this morning and we went for a walk. good conversation AND jump-starting my metabolism for the day??? good stuff! (-100 calories)

and then i had some breakie (275 cal) and then did some cleaning (-100 cal) and then had some lunch (200 cal).

s0 now i’m at 275, which isn’t too bad since i just have dinner to go, but i’m going to the dreaded buffet!!! why did i agree to this? can anyone explain this to me? i can be so self-destructive sometimes…

but at least i have room in my calories that i can slip up and have up to 800 and i’ll be ok…

ugh, i HAVE to do this! i think i’ll go clean some more to try to burn some extra calories…

don’t let today’s weakness ruin tomorrow’s dream, girls! 😉


September 5, 2009

i’m afraid to go running. i’m afraid to bring back memories, afraid to make my thighs big.

my mom says i should go running because it’ll make me happier. i don’t know…

i want to burn calories and fat, but my thighs! ugh. they’re already too big for my liking from all that field hockey sprinting. like adding insult to injury…

i don’t know what i should do. i hope i figure it out.

i’m still tired. maybe that’s why i sound/ feel so robotic?

back on the running wagon

August 13, 2009

i estimate that i ran about 2 miles yesterday. i wanted to vomit after, but i didn’t feel much shortness of breath and my muscles weren’t even that sore. i’d say that’s pretty good for not having run in about 2 weeks. 🙂

i think i’m gonna run today again since i’m not feeling sore… another 2 miles. to burn off my breakfast: monkey bread. no joke. ugh…. i’m so gross.

i think i should also do some light dumbells… or hit around a field hockey ball to get ready for tryouts. since i’m gonna suck it up and play one last time. (thank you, commenters!) it may not be a blast, but i know i would regret not playing…

so, how are you guys?