i made a new bracelet because i was in the car for a while and i was bored đŸ™‚



my camera is crap, so the pictures are crap, but this is my new ana bracelet. (i now have 3!!!) đŸ™‚

i have beads, but i decided not to put any on because i’m afriad of being too obvious, now that normal people are catching on to the whole red-beaded-bracelet thing. :-/

what do you think?

EDIT: you know what? the first person who orders a bracelet gets the bracelet (that she/he ordered) free! đŸ™‚


May 5, 2009

i think i want to start taking photographs– real, hard-core photoraphs. why? well, i’ve always liked taking pictures (and, not to brag, but i’ve taken a couple of pretty decent ones) AND, more importantly, it’ll distract me from eating. and, since i LOVE taking pictures of the outdoors, it’ll get me walking outside which counts as exercise… BINGO! it’s a done deal; there are simply too many good reasons to pursue it to pass it up.

the problem? the camera that i have SUCKS! it’s some crap, refurbished kodak from 3 years ago… đŸ˜¦Â  so… i’m pretty much in for a new camera. any suggestions? (the cheaper, the better)