just for fun

December 12, 2010

… and because i really don’t want to to ready any more about Rio:


The all-knowing Oracle of Starbucks

Behold the Oracle’s wisdom:

Personality type: Hippie

In addition to being a hippie, you are a hypochondriac and a health nut. You secretly think that your insistence on only consuming all-natural products is because you’re so intelligent and well-informed; it’s actually because you’re a sucker. You’ve dabbled in Wicca or other pseudo-religions that attract morons and have changed your sexual orientation a few times this year. You probably live in California. Everyone who drinks tall coffee with soy milk should be forced to eat a McDonald’s bacon cheeseburger.

Also drinks: Beverages with lots of marketing that says they’re herbal and organic
Can also be found at: Whole Foods, indoor rock climbing facilities

it’s pretty accurate… but i’m pretty sure i’ve never been a wicca. i’m not even sure what that is, but it sounds kind of like “wookie” and i really like those.