thinspiring… tv?

October 31, 2010

so, lately i’ve been watching a lot of tv. A LOT. which probably isn’t ideal…

c’est la vie.

i’m being entertained AND thinspired, so that’s a good thing, correct?

nothing i’m writing is making sense. a list:

  1. outsourced on nbc.
  2. glee on fox. SUCH AN AMAZING SHOW!!! also, lea michele looks SO GOOD this season! she’s always been tiny, but her legs just look amazing. (i love her. saw her on broadway 🙂 )
  3. house on fox. olivia wilde. and lisa edelstein, who is in phenomenal shape, ESPECIALLY for her age (42? really?)
  4. modern family on abc. the teenage daughter. plus, the show has its moments.
  5. life unexpected on the cw. britt robertson is looking amazing this season! and it’s just a cute show 🙂
  6. hellcats on the cw. i just started watching it 2 days ago online. all of the characters are so fit… it actually got me lifting my 3 lb weight and doing some crunches. not bad, eh?
  7. nikita on the cw. i just started watching it yesterday, so i’ve only seen one episode… but watch it. just do it. the female characters are TINY!

do you guys have any recommendations?