julia frakes again

February 26, 2010

i think she might just be the cutest person ever! and sooo successful for someone so young.

i’m sad that she cut her hair though. i like the length in the pic below much better!

^^^i have those glasses!!!

julia frakes thinspiration

August 15, 2009


i love the bag!



and i adore the color of her hair 🙂


… and her colorful tights (i wish i could pull those off…)


ugh. julia frakes is so awesome. she has a super cool job, super cool style, AND she’s really skinny. (though maybe a bit too skinny…) and she’s really pretty imo. i love the whole pixie/ elf look. it’s something that i envy. (is that weird?)

i only had 900-something cal today. and you know what? i felt REALLY full. like, wtf? am i just someone who doesn’t need a lot of food???

i hope tomorrow goes just as well.





julia frakes!

julia frakes!

 gosh, she’s awesome

i LOVE this one

i LOVE this one

 sorry… my comp os flipping out so i’ll post the rest later…

some thinspiration

May 6, 2009

i don’t know what to say today, so here’s some pictures:


julia frakes

julia frakes

julia frakes

julia frakes

audrey tautou

audrey tautou

audrey tautou

audrey tautou

excuse my laziness today. it’s been a long one. what i will say is that i had no dessert or snacks today. nada. and i wasn’t craving them either. i assume that’s a good sign…? a sign of what, i don’t know. but a sign nonetheless.