procrastination thinspo

December 13, 2010

i read a grand total of 50 pages today. excuse me, but F**K!!! now i have to read all this stuff tomorrow and wednesday morning.

not that i’m new to this. no, sir. i’m a veteran of procrastination… which probably isn’t great but it’s one of my smaller problems.

anyhow, enough words!

she reminds me of the Australian character on Outsourced, played by Pippa Black, who is likewise thin and gorgeous.

sigh. i love supermodels. i think they’re the most beautiful creatures on the planet.

and we end here with the lovely Emma Watson.

speaking of which, how did everyone enjoy the new movie???


french final

December 11, 2010

first off, i want to thank Jolie for her sweet comment! it’s TRUE that there are many great teachers. i’ve been fortunate enough to be lucky in this regard.

to answer your question, i’m almost 19 and in college– an in college if you have a really great teacher, you have to give them up halfway through the year and start anew… usually. but this time, i wasn’t going to have to, i thought. and i was THRILLED… which just made the news that much harder for me to hear.

anyhow, i just got back from my final for that class. usually after tests and finals i’m mentally exhausted because i pour my brain onto the paper, but this time i’m emotionally exhausted. seeing my discussion group (who i’ve seen 4 days a week since august and gotten to know and trust) together for possibly the last time made me so nostalgic… and i’m prone to nostalgia anyway.

have you guys ever seen the show Community on NBC? with Joel Mchale, etc. ? we were like that… because foreign language classes in college are different from other classes; you really HAVE to meet every day or you wont develop the language skills.

it turned out to be such a blessing, though…

anyhow, i’m feeling really down, still. perhaps i will post later.

thinspiring… tv?

October 31, 2010

so, lately i’ve been watching a lot of tv. A LOT. which probably isn’t ideal…

c’est la vie.

i’m being entertained AND thinspired, so that’s a good thing, correct?

nothing i’m writing is making sense. a list:

  1. outsourced on nbc.
  2. glee on fox. SUCH AN AMAZING SHOW!!! also, lea michele looks SO GOOD this season! she’s always been tiny, but her legs just look amazing. (i love her. saw her on broadway 🙂 )
  3. house on fox. olivia wilde. and lisa edelstein, who is in phenomenal shape, ESPECIALLY for her age (42? really?)
  4. modern family on abc. the teenage daughter. plus, the show has its moments.
  5. life unexpected on the cw. britt robertson is looking amazing this season! and it’s just a cute show 🙂
  6. hellcats on the cw. i just started watching it 2 days ago online. all of the characters are so fit… it actually got me lifting my 3 lb weight and doing some crunches. not bad, eh?
  7. nikita on the cw. i just started watching it yesterday, so i’ve only seen one episode… but watch it. just do it. the female characters are TINY!

do you guys have any recommendations?