hey, everybody!

June 13, 2010

i just did an hour of yoga!

…ok, actually just 40 minutes, but that’s pretty good, right? i exercise at gym at school about every other day (elliptical or treadmill) and occasionally use my crap elliptical at home when i freak about about eating too much (i guess a part of me is exercise-bulimic…?) or dance when my ipod just happens to be on and playing a good song and i’m alone, but i’ve never had much of a consistent, at-home routine.

maybe it’s time to start one. maybe i’m not young enough anymore that i can get away with simply dieting to lose weight and look fabulous. (i AM of voting age now, after all…)

i found my yoga video on my netflix instant play thing and there’s dancing and pilates too, so maybe once school’s out i should do a video every other day, and for now, do one a week…

i think that’s a good plan, right?

in further news, when i get to where i want to be body-wise, i want to try acting or modeling. my dream is to take a train across the country to los angeles and stay for a few weeks to a month and just audition like crazy! i could stay in some motel or rent a crap apartment… and i don’t know who i’d go with. could i go alone? it’s kind of going against the whole buddy-system rule…

i guess my plan still needs some ironing out, but it sounds promising, right? i wish i could go this summer, but i’m going to have a lot to do to get ready for college, so i’m setting my sights on next summer.

maybe this summer, i can just start in new york. which would make sense. why go across the country when i can audition locally? i mean, i guess i view los angeles as having more opportunities, but then again i’ve never been there…

so new york. this summer. PRACTICE.

and in order to get anywhere, especially since i haven’t acted since middle school and wasn’t particularly good, i’m going to need to look awesome. have that whole star-quality thing down. good body. good hair. good clothes. good skin. (any tips for good skin, btw? it’s usually OK, but around THAT TIME… not great 😦 )

what do you think? this is crazy, right? but maybe it would be fun, and i’d know i tried when i was young…

anyway, how about some pictures?

^^^i want these thighs

^^^ sometimes i wish i were model-tall… or even just tall… or of a normal height

^^^i’m OBSESSED with nautical stripes. esp in navy.

^^^the way she walks, she looks like a much-skinnier version of me. all i need are those lovely arms and calves… but i feel like my calves are so bulky/ stumpy, and not long and lean. anyone know what i can do about that?

alright, everyone. happy sunday! and don’t forget to dream big 🙂


happy new year, i guess

February 16, 2010

i think i caught a cold from trudging around the city. i’d say it was worth it, but it really wasn’t.

the chelsea market is ridiculous. no wonder i’d never been there before. if you’re thinking about it, don’t. unless you have a really good sense of humor…

sorry for the anger. my kitchen is ridiculously cold and the new snow (as pretty as it is) isn’t helping much. and i’m dreading having to go outside today.

this isn’t a good way to start off the year of the tiger. but at least on the first two days i ate long noodles; i’ll have a long life but i guess i guess i’ll be very cold for the duration of it.

i do love the lunar new year, though. much better than new year’s eve and that crap. maybe because i get my own animal. (i’m the monkey) and i love all the traditions: the noodles, the little red envelops…

it’s magical, i think. 🙂

so, happy year of the tiger, all! make it a good one!

and if you haven’t had long noodles yet, do it. it’s not too late!!!


February 14, 2010

i weighed myself this morning. and guess what i got? 104.8. 104.8!

how the heck did i gain two pounds?!?

i’m praying that it has to do with the massive amount of liquids i drank yesterday, my congestion, or the fact that my digestive system doesn’t seem to be working.

or all of those reasons combined.


so, i don’t know if my experiment worked because i spent the day with my friends who LOVE to eat (but are so skinny!) and we got italian food and REALLY good chocolate.

even the calories i burned walking around the city and shopping couldn’t save me… 😦  but i’ve got to keep up appearances, right? or is that just an excuse?

anyway, i’m going to try again today. so far, i’ve only had 200 cal which isn’t a bad start.

^ this girl kind of reminds me of me. not the body or the hair, but the face and eyes. it’s weird, because i’m not a normal-looking person. my features are quirky, if that makes sense.

ps. happy valentine’s day! if you like it, have a great time! if you don’t, you’re not alone 😉

happy day!

May 24, 2009

today was a good day. i went into the city with some friends and shopped (and bought A LOT of stuff) and got some jamba juice. i hadn’t had any since two summers ago, but the one i got was sooo good! it had (if i’m not mistaken) blueberries, rasberries, strawberries, and soy milk, but i’m allergic to strawberries so i substituted those for more blueberries and WOW. amazing. AND healthful, right? so i felt good about that one.

AND… guess what? we ended up walking for 6 hours! that’s pretty intense, no? and at a decent pace… i mean, you’re not going to just mosey around a store, right? you have to be quick and get to the good stuff before anyone else. (i’m a pretty intense shopper.)

but then i got home and my throat hurt so i had ice cream… but it was good, and i’ve been sick, so i dont know…

my total ended up being around 1200 cal. it’s not great, but it’s not terrible. and i got a lot more exercise than usual, so that’s good. and i had fun… i haven’t had real fun like that for so long. sad, isn’t it?

so all in all, things turned out pretty well. 🙂