i have a really light homework day today (YAY!!!) so i thought i’d post.

i hope you’re all well! i have my big p… which is lighter than usual. is it just my imagination or could it be from losing weight? not that i’ve lost much… 😦

fun fact: it was snowing today. in october. and i don’t even live THAT far north… i’m not quite in new england. 😉

erm… i feel like i have so much i wanted to say but i can’t remember…

ok. randomness: i LOVE how men’s fingers and hands are so large compared to mine (i’m petite). it makes them seem so strong… like one of them could lift me up, put me in his backpack, and take me on a hike.

well, enough of that. thinspo:






^^^i LOVE these thighs

anyway, i remembered: i wanted to tell you that i’ve stayed around 1000 the past 2 days and i plan on doing the same today. i have to get back on track!!!