Lily Cole thinspiration

August 10, 2009

lily1<— i LOVE these legs




Lily Cole


i love this last one. her hair looks so red and i LOVE her jacket

i was reminded of lily cole upon reading an article in Vanity Fair about heath ledger. apparently, she had a part in his last film, the imaginarium of doctor parnassus, which i believe the second picture is from.

i love lily cole. it seems that some models have the kind of look where they have to be stickly to be pretty, but lily cole is simply beautiful. she has THE CUTEST smile…. i’m incredibly jealous. and she’s skinny without being too skinny, which i really respect her for.

whale girl

May 20, 2009

that’s what you should call me. i feel HUGE… like some sort of rare beast. i feel food pushing against my gut; i’ve eaten too much today. 😦  it kills me. it really does.




these all happen to be from gossip girl (from my fave thinspo sight)… so i guess it’s gossip girl day! yay! (even though i haven’t watched since the first epi this season…)






if i’m correct, these are all from my new favorite blog (the one i mentioned a few days ago…)

i only ate about 600 calories… and it was ALL of healthy stuff (sushi, veggies, etc.)… and i’m not hungry. in fact, i didn’t even try to constrict; it just happened. like some sort of witchcraft. so i’m very proud of myself today! and also a little bit nervous that i might be coming down with something again… :-/

anyhow, here’s some thinspo:






most of these pictures are from a blog completely focused on thinspiration. it’s a good blog, especially since many of the pictures are of real girls– not models or celebrities. they’re skinny without all of those fancy diets and trainors. that’s more realistic.

you can find the blog here:

i’m tired so here’s one:



i’ll post more in the morning…

some thinspiration

May 6, 2009

i don’t know what to say today, so here’s some pictures:


julia frakes

julia frakes

julia frakes

julia frakes

audrey tautou

audrey tautou

audrey tautou

audrey tautou

excuse my laziness today. it’s been a long one. what i will say is that i had no dessert or snacks today. nada. and i wasn’t craving them either. i assume that’s a good sign…? a sign of what, i don’t know. but a sign nonetheless.


May 5, 2009

i think i want to start taking photographs– real, hard-core photoraphs. why? well, i’ve always liked taking pictures (and, not to brag, but i’ve taken a couple of pretty decent ones) AND, more importantly, it’ll distract me from eating. and, since i LOVE taking pictures of the outdoors, it’ll get me walking outside which counts as exercise… BINGO! it’s a done deal; there are simply too many good reasons to pursue it to pass it up.

the problem? the camera that i have SUCKS! it’s some crap, refurbished kodak from 3 years ago… 😦  so… i’m pretty much in for a new camera. any suggestions? (the cheaper, the better)