i made a new bracelet because i was in the car for a while and i was bored 🙂



my camera is crap, so the pictures are crap, but this is my new ana bracelet. (i now have 3!!!) 🙂

i have beads, but i decided not to put any on because i’m afriad of being too obvious, now that normal people are catching on to the whole red-beaded-bracelet thing. :-/

what do you think?

EDIT: you know what? the first person who orders a bracelet gets the bracelet (that she/he ordered) free! 🙂

if any of you guys are on twitter, look me up! i’m recyclefashion… and i think it would be sickly awesome if we could all chat! 🙂


you might want to check out the ana bracelets (and mia bracelets) tab because…



and i’ll add new colors as soon as i can get to the craft store… so check it out! and keep checking! 🙂

i just posted an ad!

August 11, 2009

isn’t it pretty???


i did a very bad thing. i very very bad thing.

you see, i love you guys. if you’re reading this or have ever read my blog, or have even glanced at my blog, i love you. because i need support. we ALL need support– especially us with EDs.

but, you see. i let you down. and i don’t know if any of you know it. well, i know one person did. she was kind enough to leave a comment, which in my shakey, anxiety medicinal haze, i deleted.

ok. maybe i shouldn;t use the word “haze.” that implies that it was accidental. it wasn’t; i was just ashamed.

so here it is: that website where my friend is selling her clothes? that friend is me. i was advertising– ADVERTISING– on this blog, my sacred grounds. i’ve been a very, very bad little ana.

so, i am sorry. deeply sorry. and to repent, i will make you all bracelets! (seriously)

so… i hope that you all forgive me, because again, i love you and would be nothing without you.

i don;t know if you’ve noticed the new page i’ve added, but it’s finally been updated. check it out!

pro ana bracelets

July 16, 2009

now, i just want to take a poll: would any of you be interested in buying a pro ana braclet if i were to sell them (inexpensively, of course)?

this is, of course, non-binding. hell, i don’t even have a prototype yet to show you! but if you could please just comment yes or no that’d be wonderful! i just want to get a sense of whether this is something worth pursuing.

thank you!


i’ve been getting really into tea lately. and do you want to know why? it’s awesome. chamomile with honey or soy milk… yum! 🙂

also, i think that this thinspiration bracelet’s been going to pretty well so far. 1070 today. that is, before i work out. not bad, not bad.

more thinspo?:




42 <– one cool outfit

i love thinspiration with boots!

i love thinspiration with boots!

 yu know what else i’ve been finding thinspirational? anime cartoons and movies. all the girls had stick arms and legs. it’s awesome.

ugh… i’m craving yogurt. but i can’t have any more cal today. 😦  oh, well.

anyway, i think i’ve thought of a plan. since summer is quickly approaching, i’m going to start running. waking up early around 6 or 7 (to get the metabolism boost) and then, since i worked sooo hard, i’ll feel less likely to want to blow all my effort on food.

plus, i always fell nauseas for AT LEAST 1/2 an hour after i’ve done hard-core exercise… but usually it’s more like an hour. so that’s good.

i also have a new goal: i want to be able to take thinspirational pictures of myself. i don’t know if i WILL… but if i could help encourage others AND talk myself out of eating at the same time (ig “i can’t eat much; i have a photoshoot this weekend”).  i hpe it doesn’t take TOO long to get to that point…

today was my first day wih the bracelet and i had 1075. that’s good! at least, it’s much better than what i’ve been doing for the past few days. i think this is good. i think it’s a good thing. 🙂

today’s thinspo:


love this one

love this one



38 <— i want these legs!!!

alright. that’s all.

well, hello

June 6, 2009

ugh. sorry. it’s been a while. i swear i’ve had headches every day for the last week and a half, so do forgive me for neglecting to post the last couple of days. let me catch you up:

thursday i had 1280 cal and yesterday i had 1300. kind of stinky… but still (slightly) under the max. intake i’ll allow myself. so i should be losing weight… albeit slowly.

and yesterday? guess what… i felt like my legs looked skinny. i was wearing these skinny jeans (which def. sit snugger now than they did in winter 😦 ) and i felt like my hips curved less outward; they were more straight down. and my thighs were hardly touching. i felt proud. hopefully, i can stay below my max and still feel proud on monday for when i’m accepting my award…

today, i’ve only had 830 so far… so that’s good. i just can’t give into temptation… no matter how much i’m craving ice cream…

ps. still no sign of my calorie-tracking bracelet. it’s been 2.5 weeks. 😦 ahhh! i’m getting so antsy!

pps. i’ve also been doing some light dancing. maybe that’s been helping…?

thinspo (yay!)

May 31, 2009

it’s been way too long since i’ve posted any, so here’s some thinspo:

ones of my faves

ones of my faves




i’m kind of pissed today because the calorie counter bracelet i ordered from ps evolution STILL hasn’t come. i mean, it’s been multiple weeks so i’m assuming it has to be made?

ok, i guess i’m a bit too impatient. i’m just really excited for it! what if it changes my life?


cliff bar- 220 cal

matzo ball soup- 500 cal :-/
soda- 50 cal

cheesecake- 800 cal 😦

pretzels- 50 cal

walking- (-) 350 cal

which brings my total to 1270, which is alright. i DO have a deficit today (unlike yesterday) but it isn’t a big one…