December 21, 2010

remember yesterday when i praised the lack of a decimal point? well, screw that, because i like this number better!


it’s only .2 away from 101, but what a difference it makes! i mean, i now have hope that maybe, possibly, i can get back into the double digits by christmas!

what a gift that would be…

i guess i’m doing something right. i started a new exel spreadsheet to keep track of my daily calorie-intake, etc. and this one also keeps track of my weight… meaning that i have to weight myself every single day. i think that is definitely helping me get back on track!

in fact, a study done at my university found that students who weighed themselves everyday were much, much, much (can you tell that i don’t remember the percentage? 😉 ) more likely to NOT gain the freshman 15.

well, my personal findings support that supposition.

^^^ gorgeous calves!

anyhow, how are all of you? i was gone for so long this fall that i’m trying to catch up on all of my blogs and it’s taking a while. 🙂

c’est moi

December 11, 2010

this is what i look like right now, at 102.8, a weight that i’ve remained at for many moons… and one that makes me uncomfortable, as i really really really want to get back to the 90s. when i left for college, i was at 93! hopefully, some of this is muscle from all the crazy hills here and the walking i’ve been doing. and the occasional visit to the gym (i REALLY need to start going more. next semester).

and NOT weight from the beginning of some Freshman 15 fiasco or the crazy high-cal days i’ve been having: like, around 2000 cal. at home, at school… i’m not sure what triggers them, but that isn’t going to matter, for i’m not going to let them happen again. i’ve been doing really well this past week, so… yeah. i’m gonna best this, or whatever. (i’m tired.)

side note: i’m actually starting to think that my scale may be broken, because my guy friend likes to weigh himself on it from time to time and he’s REALLY tall and weighs a lot more than me, and when my brothers were here, they weighed themselves and one of them claimed he weighed 10 lbs more on my scale. (the other said nothing, but he usually doesn’t.) so hopefully that means i weigh a bit less than 102… though i fear i may weight more, for i’m not a fan of what my stomach and thighs have been up to lately.

so, yeah. that’s annoying.

and if you saw the stack of paper that i have to read in order to do well on my anthropology final, you might cry. and i NEED to ace this final because anthropology is my thing. it’s what i do, who i am, all that jazz…

and now my printer has run out of ink. oh, joy.

BUUUT luckily i’m going home on wednesday for 5 WHOLE WEEKS!!! no homework, classes, tests… just hanging out with my family and my old friends. and watching tv. and eating healthy, home-cooked meals (thank goodness my mom is trying to lose weight at well! not that she knows i’m trying to lose any…), and perhaps a bubble-bath or two? (i haven’t had one of those in ages…)

so… cheers to that! and i hope all of you who are having finals now aren’t stressed out too much 🙂

a tout a l’heure (when i WILL post thinspo)

sorry it’s been so long! i had the longest cold of my life and then i got stomach flu… it was just a disaster. AND it was during my holiday from school. fantastic, huh? 😉

anyhow, hi!!! i’ve missed wordpress.

ok. sooo, sick or not, sunday is my weighing day, and the past sunday was no exception. wanna know what the scale said?

well… at first i hopped on and it’s one of those digital ones so numbers were flashing all over the place but the highest that flashed was 101 and then it settled on 97.4 which i realized was too low and then i realized my foot was totally off the little metal thing that it needs to be on.

so then i tried again (with both feet in the correct position) and got 99.6

double digits!

granted, it was a couple of days after my stomach’s rebellion that kept me eating relatively lightly, but not TOO much lower than usual. 700s, 900s and i worked my way up.

so there has to be some validity to it, right?

ah, the magic of wishful thinking. sometimes i really am wonderful at deceiving myself. (my, um, (i guess you can call it a) love life can attest to that)


January 31, 2010

i’m 103. exactly.


when i was visiting relatives over the holidays, i was 103.3 and i though for sure i’d gained since then.

i guess not.

4 more pounds til i’m in the 90s once more. excuse my language, but shit that’s exciting! i remember hopping on that scale two years ago and being 96 and going to a party and looking so freaking good! i actually LIKED those picture when i saw them on facebook. (unlike my junior prom ones… *shudders*)

i hope you all are having similar victories! 🙂


November 18, 2009

i decided to weight myself yesterday. i was alone in the room with the scale and i just felt like i had to know. and what do you know? i was 106 pounds.

i suppose i wished it were less… 100. 90s. something like that, but i wasn’t upset. i wasn’t happy, though… just neutral. i guess that’s ok.

AAAND i measured it midway through the day after eating and chugging 32 oz of water (i was/ am sick… with swine flu :() and i was bloated because of my big p…. ok, now i’m just making excuses, but i’m guessing that my true weight is more like 105.

but whatever. the point is that either way my exel document that tracks my calories and calculates my suspected weight loss is actually right on which is pretty cool. it means i’ve been pretty darn accurate in guessing calories. (yay)

erm… yeah.

if i can just lose 7 more pounds i’ll be happy. 98. it’s a nice number 🙂

Greetings from Canada!

August 7, 2009

today i ate A LOT… like, 1700 calories alot. i was only supposed to eat around 1500 to give my metabolism a jump start. apparently, it didn’t work out.

i did well at camp during the week though. we did A LOT of walking, so i ended up burning at least 300 a day which was good. i didn’t get to run though. 😦  no time.

so i’m kind of afraid i’ll be out of shape. especially since tryouts are 10 (more?) days away. ah!

anyhow, thank you for commenting, those of you who did! 🙂

ummm…. i had something that i wanted to tell you, but i forgot. i’ll try to remember tomorrow.

EDIT: oooh, wait! i remember one of the things: i weighed myself the day i left on my dad’s old non-electronic scale (would that even measure me correctly?) and it said i was around 107-108 pounds!!! i hope that’s right; it would mean that i’m actually getting somewhere.