June 8, 2010

crisis averted. drank a little beer to settle my stomach and then went to bed.

so, i’m getting a new computer, so i’m gonna start posting mass amounts of pictures so that i don’t have transfer them. i hope that’s ok.

^^^ i love skins 🙂

^^^ this is the beach body i’d like

^^^ cute sweater (i love sweaters)

have any of you ever been in love with someone with a boyfriend/ girlfriend/ significant other, maybe even a fiance or spouse, or just someone you couldn’t have for whatever reason? because i need some serious advice on this subject and i’m feeling very alone right now. 😦

ps. i got a twitter, but it’s my personal one so i’m afraid to post it here lest someone figures out this blog is mine. not that i’m ashamed of anything i’ve written here… it’s just very personal. anyway, if any of you have one, we should exchange.


which jeans?

June 3, 2009

i’m really not sure what kind of jeans to buy. i know it’s spring, but i want jeans. but should i get regular or colored from pacsun.com?

ugh… i’m tired. this post sounds stupid. i’m sorry. i’m just going to move on:

crackers- 60 cal

pretzels- 90 cal

yogurt: 100 cal

pizza- 250 cal

cake- 600 cal

do you like spring?

June 2, 2009

because i’m pretty sure i don’t. i’ve had a headache every day this week from my dang allergies, and, joy, i have a pretty awful one today. 😦

i swear that all those headache medicines and painkillers are crap. when you really need them — and i mean REALLY, as in, excrutiating pain– they don’t even make a dent. they only work when the pain’s just kind of painful. and do you really need a painkiller at those times? no. you see, the system just doesn’t work.

you know what i want?

  1. to not feel my thighs rubbing together when i wear a dress without tights
  2. my hipbones (which i’m beginnning to see!) to be more defined
  3. my size 2 bullhead jeans, which i bought to be loose, to be looser
  4. my boobs, which are approaching a b-cup, to get back down to an a
  5. to be able to wear a tank top on it’s own and not just as a layer under a bigger shirt
  6. to be confident
  7. to have girls envy me and guys think i’m hot
  8. to look in the mirror an be proud at what i accomplished
  9. to be able to pull off crazy outfits
  10. to get back into a 0 in jcrew shorts
  11. my short torso (seriously, there’s a little less than a foot between the bottom of my bra and the top of my waistband on my low rise jeans) to look less stubby
  12. to not fear spring (because layers begin coming off this time of the year)
  13. to be able to go shopping without feeling like i’m rewarding pudginess


April 29, 2009

i really hate being away on vacation because my family’s ALWAYS around, so i have to eat. not that i want to go completely ana, but i don’t want to eat so much. you see, for skinny people my family eats ALOT… and therefore, they expect me to also eat alot. but i’mobviously trying to lose weight… do you see my dilemma?

i’ve been sleeping in mose mornings (so i’m not eating breakfast) and getting forgotten in the whirlwind of activity during lunch, so i can get away with eating lightly then, but then dinner comes. and the inevitable dessert. and my fam just LOVES to push the second helping and whatnot. if anyone is reading this, do you have any advice?

you see, today i’ve only had about 380 calories, but it started just like that yesterday and i ended up eating about 1060. i mean, that shouldn’t happen. i have a goal here and it’s already shorts season so i have to reach is FAST!