December 21, 2010

remember yesterday when i praised the lack of a decimal point? well, screw that, because i like this number better!


it’s only .2 away from 101, but what a difference it makes! i mean, i now have hope that maybe, possibly, i can get back into the double digits by christmas!

what a gift that would be…

i guess i’m doing something right. i started a new exel spreadsheet to keep track of my daily calorie-intake, etc. and this one also keeps track of my weight… meaning that i have to weight myself every single day. i think that is definitely helping me get back on track!

in fact, a study done at my university found that students who weighed themselves everyday were much, much, much (can you tell that i don’t remember the percentage? 😉 ) more likely to NOT gain the freshman 15.

well, my personal findings support that supposition.

^^^ gorgeous calves!

anyhow, how are all of you? i was gone for so long this fall that i’m trying to catch up on all of my blogs and it’s taking a while. 🙂

so i’ve had a crap week. but i saw on imaginenamaste’s blog, a list of things that she was proud of about herself, regarless of crappy things that are happening. so here is my own– a list of good things about the bad things and about me:

  1. i will have more time now (for homework, friends, family, my appearance, etc.)
  2. i won’t be as tired/ stressed (goes along with ^)
  3. i don’t have to eat as much (aka i can go back on my 1000 cal diet. yay!)
  4. i get to see who my real friends are
  5. i have a small gap between my thighs (haha, random)
  6. i still have my brain (which helps me write poetry and will hopefully help me get into an ivy league college)
  7. i’m somewhat pretty (when i don’t smile)
  8. i can spend more quality time with my hobbies (fashion, bracelet-making, knitting,…)
  9. i’ll be home more, so maybe we can finally get another dog (?)
  10. i love my petiteness; love wearing children’s clothes, bracelets, etc.

you know, that made me feel good. 🙂

aaand… we got pizza

August 16, 2009

yes, pizza. but thin pizza. VERY thin– cracker thin. (i kid you not.) and less crust = less calories, no?

and it was good. REALLY good. *sigh*

my mom won’t let me run, though. she says i need a day off so that i don’t get injured, since i have a bad knee. 😦

she’s right, though.

so i practiced field hockey instead. slap shots, drives, flicks. it was nice. i haven’t done it in a really long time because i dont join all those off-season leagues and crap, but i feel like it’s going to come back easily. which is good because tryouts are in less than a week.

AHHH!!! :O

to be precise,  i have 5 days to prepare. but i think i should rest the day before (do you?) so that really only gives me 4 days to prepare.

ugh. time-crunch.

we have 2 team practices, so i think i’ll go to those, and run and hit on my off days…??? does that sound good? and drinks LOADS of water and eat a lot of fruit… and tofu?

i need protein but i’m a vegetarian and am allergic to a lot of nuts… and frankly, protein scares the hell out of me. i DON’T want to build muscle… i do enough of that naturally and i want thin thighs, not manly thighs.

i hate protein. but without it, i want to collapse when i run. so i guess it’s kind of a love/ hate relationship.

i’m going to stop rambling now.

the bottom line is that i’m nervous as hell. especially about the running, but the whole thing. not the making the team part; i’m a senior, so that’s kind of a given.

any tips on how to relax?